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15 Painted Furniture Makeovers You’ll Love

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Windows are an essential part of any home, office or any building because they allow natural light to come inside. Apart from that, windows enable us to look outside without actually having to leave home. However, there are times when there can be too much light coming in at a certain time of the day, and other times when we need privacy; hence, the need to cover the window. This is when blinds come into play.

Blinds have become increasingly popular compared to curtains, especially in offices and public buildings. Blinds are the best choice because they give the best overall coverage and protection, come in various styles and colors, and can be made to fit all size of windows. Blinds also last longer than any fabric material, are easier to clean, easy to maintain and, most importantly, they can protect your furniture and carpet from the bright ultraviolet light of the sun.

To get your money’s worth, do not settle for second-rate blinds. Getting blinds is an investment; they should last until you get tired of them or until they have worn out beyond their years. Getting the right blinds to suit your taste is also important, because they are going to be ‘hanging’ around for awhile. Blinds should also be easy to handle, which means opening and closing them should be a breeze.

You will be dazzled by your choices when you are actually on the hunt for the perfect blinds, as there are literally hundreds of different styles and colors to pick from, ranging from simple to exotic and funky. Whatever you fancy, choose the blinds that best suit your home or wherever you intend to place them, and make sure the color is also in perfect coordination with the color of the walls and tiles. The following are types of blinds you can choose from:

–Vertical window blinds – these may not be the best choice of blinds because they can easily break if not handled carefully, and changing them can also be a bit troublesome. However, they are still widely used because they are a cheaper alternative and e

–Plantation shutter window blinds – newly constructed homes now have opted for this kind of blinds as a standard choice because they are easy to clean and gives a homely touch. The only drawback is that to open them all the way you need to stand clear; h

–Roman shade window blinds – these are great since they come in various fabrics and styles, but lack in 100% protection. They do not block out enough light, as we would like, especially in more private rooms like the bedroom.

If you are thinking of purchasing blinds remember to look for the kind of material you would like, whether it be wood, plastic or bamboo, and also if you would prefer the cords or cordless types.

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